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All goods of Hunza G (England)

Hand-crafted with care in London, Hunza G has a firm history providing quality swimwear throughout the ages. Initially created in the 1980's, Hunza G carries out it's iconic crinkle fabric providing season after season of classic pieces, as well as updated reinventions of timeless styles. Sophisticated one-pieces sit comfortably next to frilly bikinis in a line focussed on inclusivity of age, size, and colour. Hunza G aims to create the most flattering and easy-to-wear styles for all occasions, focussing on quality and longevity.

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HUNZA G Ursula Emerald
HUNZA G Mini Skirt Orange

Hunza G is a British brand that appeared in the 1980s. The company has come a long way before it found its niche and gained popularity in the world of beach fashion - thanks to the unique woven fabric, which sits perfectly on any figure. Now the brand feels great, and its luxury products have gained fans in different countries. Luxury swimwear by Hunza G is worn by show business stars such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Kim Kardashian, Alexa Chung, Holly Willoughby. They are also worn by ordinary women of all types and ages. The brand was created back in 1984, but for several years it was not a big success. The company became famous in the 90's after the movie "Pretty Woman", where the heroine Julia Roberts appears in the frame in an unusual tight dress. This outfit was created by Hunza G, and its peculiarity was the unusual crimped material. The fabric is called sirsaker, or woven cotton, and is traditionally used in Iran and northern India. The jacket made a splash, but the fashion soon changed. Tight clothing gave way to wide models, and Hunza G products were not as in demand. In 2014, the creative director of Hunza G, Georgianna Haddart, came up with a new direction - the production of premium swimwear. The material remained unchanged, and the new products were also made of seersucker. And then it turned out that this is exactly what was sorely lacking in beach fashion. New swimwear made of reaped fabric quickly gained popularity and won the love of girls. Sirsacker is an embossed material, reminiscent of knitted fabric. Its peculiarity is unique elasticity. Luxury reaped swimwear by Hunza G is so good at stretching that they are sewn in one universal size. They perfectly fit any figure and look stylish on girls and women of any body type. At the same time the clothes do not stretch over time and do not lose their properties. Due to the elastic and soft fabric in these swimwear easy to swim and spend time at the beach. Fabric is good also because it dries quickly after swimming and does not burn out in the sun. The brand produces both separate and fused swimwear. The range includes models with decorative elements - ruffles, bows, frills, as well as more restrained and classic - for those who like elegant minimalism.